The new “Drive-In L” solution: maximal flexibility

RTG Electrification

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Conductix-Wampfler has continued to optimize the “Drive-In” solution, which has been used since 2009. The new “Drive-In L” system has an extremely compact design, works completely without pneumatic or hydraulic components and is currently the lightest on the market. This makes it possible to use it for any type of RTG, including those with little space for additional components. The “Drive-In L” was introduced for the first time in September at the TOC Middle East in Dubai. “The response from customers seen there showed us that we have consistently understood their needs and realized an intelligent solution,” emphasized Claus Burger, Director of the E-RTG business unit at Conductix-Wampfler. We therefore expect the product to set completely new standards in the market of RTG electrification.

Thanks to its compact design, the “Drive-In L” – unlike a diesel motor or generator – can be installed on both sides of the RTG, which makes it the most flexible solution of its type currently on the market. The drive-in or drive-out time of the RTG in the case of the “Drive-In L” system is less than 20 seconds. A short drive-in zone also makes it possible to operate the RTG with power from the first row. In addition, this guarantees the compensation for tolerances which result from moving the RTG into the container block or due to lifting and lowering. The procedure with “Drive-In L” is fully automatic and controlled exclusively from the cabin of the RTG. No ground personnel are needed when switching blocks, which also improves work safety at the terminal.